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John Baker


In both vessels and wall pieces, I like to design a quiet rhythmic energy often associated with the feeling of landscapes that are influenced through travel. Subtle changes within color and textures aid the viewer in seeing something new each time.



Dave Beck


A welder by trade, I am true to my roots.  When machinery and metal work surround me, they inspire me.  I like to work with my hands.  They’re comfortable in motion, and even more comfortable when creating art.  My art, then, is an extension of who I am.


The mechanical challenges of working with steel motivate me. I often incorporate salvaged metal in my work, reassembling the pieces in a technical manner.  The material itself directs my art.  While a visual aesthetic drives the balance of shape, form, and size.  I fabricate multiple sculptures simultaneously.  Doing this creates an environment that allows for the time to make decisions without force.

As I work, my mind is clear, constantly thinking. Piece by piece, weld by weld, my thoughts become tangible objects.



Andrew Snyder

How can we use clay in a way that comments on contemporary issues?  As time goes on, tradition must continue to find ways of integrating with current ideas as to not be left by the wayside.  Inherently, there is an indefinable quality born from objects created with human hands. My goal is to investigate new methods while using traditional materials and creatively think about the process, which I love.

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