Frank DePietro


Frank DePietro was born and raised in Scranton PA. He received a Bachelor of Art from Bloomsburg University in 1997, majoring in both Painting and Ceramics with a minor in Art History.  In 2000 he earned a degree in Art Education from Moore College of Art and Design while continuing his studies in painting. 

His work is inspired by close observations of the natural world and encounters with still moments that give us pause. Lines, shapes and colors encountered in nature, reveal the cycles of decay and regeneration that are life’s constant state of change. His paintings display a quiet, meditative quality, contemplating our connection to this ephemeral presence and changing notions of what nature is. Aspects of photo realism, hard edge and color field techniques are utilized to isolate the uniqueness of the subject’s detail, as well as emphasize flatness and illusion of depth within the two dimensional space of the painting.



Joy Kreves


Joy Kreves is a mixed media artist whose works explore the connections between language, psychology and landscape. She has been influenced by Dr. Glenn Albrecht's "New Language of the Earth" vocabulary, and by Sister Miriam MacGillis' focus on connections between the health of the earth and of human communities. 
A native of Illinois, Kreves earned both Bachelor and Masters degrees in art from Illinois State University, then moved to NYC.  While living there she exhibited her artwork, furthered her studies at The New School, and created sculptural stage sets as well as performed on violin in various performance events in art galleries around the city.  Her art studio is in Ewing, NJ near the Delaware River.




Michael Wiley


After teaching art in the Jersey City public schools, Wiley studied at the San Francisco Art Institute in the late 60s. He returned to the east coast and earned an M.F.A. in sculpture from Pratt Institute in 1973. The following years found him constructing and de-constructing numerous “pieces” as he responds to the materials in front of him, most typically wood, stones, twigs, plant cuttings and fabric.

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