Constance Culpepperer "My creative process is informed by logic and experience: a childhood of internal conflict, stemming from conventional female roles and conservative ideology, inspired my voice. I aim to express femininity, freedom, and social commentary in my paintings, and, at times, specifically how gender roles define the household and how the household represents something so much larger, how we as people become attached to things and stuff and the deeper connection behind this. I use paintings that focus on furniture, lone figures, and bright, energetic colors as vehicles to express emotion and create compositions meant to question personal space, perspective and each person’s place in the world." Click here for Constance's interview on WCHE AM Radio.  Click here to visit the gallery.

Karen Delaney "My sculptures and paintings reference architecture, and are a product of my fascination with the tensions and harmonies of form and line which together activate space. Many architectural features, including the irregular windows piercing The sphere continues to be present in most of these works. In all arrangements, the spheres represent what is good and positive in my life. The way the sphere is incorporated in the design is determined by the concept it represents; protected, presented, celebrated, released… I believe that the viewer, too, can regard the spheres as personally important in their own way." Click here to visit the gallery.

Alex Griffin "I create landscapes that move among the past, present and future. Taking on multiple roles of painter, historian and storyteller, I reconstruct realities by inviting the viewer into imaginary scenes - a field, an urban landscape, a quiet walkway. My paintings have a cinematic effect and are filled with dreamlike imagery and structure. He builds up the surfaces of his canvases with layers of narratives and surrealist images." Click here for Alex's Interview on IG TV. Click here to visit the gallery.

Mary Lou Jenkins "Art is a process that can be frightening, isolating, personal, spontaneous, and rewarding. Since retiring, I have spent much time trying to connect to the person I have become over the past seventy plus years. Art is a continuous activity where I employ similar elements, color palette and brush work that is guided by personal development and technique. I am drawn to figures that tell an emotional narrative. It becomes an unintended personal story that I hope resonates with others. I tend to not use too much saturated color, but instead focus on grays. For me gray is a façade that masks a myriad of color just below the surface, that has the potential to emerge and transform the painting. My work is spontaneous; my brush work aggressive. Click here for Mary Lou's interview on IG TV.  Click here to visit the gallery.

Al Johnson "To some, my art can be considered abstract. This is dependent upon one’s point of view or interpretation. When my paintings are being created, I am open and willing to believe my journey doesn't always have to be what I want it to be. I have faith that my work will resonate with each viewer because of the feelings I experience while creating. Every piece of art has a story. The final verdict is what is felt from those who are affected by its embodiment. I am merely just a vessel. My Creator works the magic in and through me." Click here for Al's interview on IG TV. Click here to visit the gallery.

Carole Loeffler "I scour the shelves, bins and racks at thrift stores for vintage photos, suitcases, quilts, greeting cards, pillowcases, clothing and ephemera from everyday life. Of particular excitement and interest to me is discovering evidence from the previous owner…handwriting on the back of a photograph or greeting card, stitches in a quilt or on a handmade garment. I feel a strong connection to an anonymous person from an unknown time and place. The power of mark making and stitches bind us together in humanity and suggest imagined narratives and a renewed purpose. I am the caretaker of these thrifted and found objects and the messenger from which their stories flow." Click here for Carole's interview on IG TV.  Click here to visit the gallery.

Emilio Maldonado "I make art to explore personal narratives, to navigate life through the material culture of the Northern American hemisphere, to raise questions about social constructs and structural inequalities; to create a platform where multiple modes of understanding can coexist, or where multiple people find meaning relevant to their own experience. Through a multidisciplinary practice, I make use of objects, symbols and references to the human body as the base of a language that allows me to board themes that live between the realm of the domestic and the social-contemporary, such as culture, poverty and trauma, looking to revise past experiences, heal old wounds or question pre-established narratives." Click here for Emilio's interview on IG TV.  Click here to visit the gallery.

Lauren E. Peters “I create self-portraits because identity is tricky to pin down. Because I don’t like people taking my picture. I create self-portraits because I feel like I have nothing to wear for an occasion, to be the person I need to be in that situation. Because I love bright colors but am not comfortable being the center of attention. Because I can’t answer the questions on the Myers-Briggs personality test with any amount of certainty. Because I want to embrace the many facets and dualities within how we think of ourselves.” Click here for Lauren's interview on IG TV. Click here to visit the gallery.

Kathy Loev Putnam “I am a storyteller.  I invent characters with shifting moods and personal histories.  My subjects often appear playful and without clear narratives. I began to collage in recent years, which opened up a whole new world for me.  My definition of a “painting” expanded to include anything I create on a surface, regardless of materials.  I love how mixed media adds textures and edges that I don’t feel I can accomplish with paint alone.  The process of adding and subtracting often creates new conditions, which leads to expanded and unanticipated visual choices." Click here for Kathy's interview on IG TV.  Click here to visit the gallery.

Joseph Lazaro Rodriguez "I am an investigator of ideas. Through the aesthetics of contemporary abstraction and the surreal, I make works about the Latinx experience, joy, desire, the body, wellbeing, and mythological transformation. My process involves many forms of media and performative acts culminating in short narratives or visual poetics regarding personal experiences. Sometimes I project them at a large scale onto architectural structures and sculptural forms as loops or videos, sometimes they are drawings, paintings or small collages. Click here for Joe's interview on IG TV. Click here to visit the gallery.

Temre Stanchfield "My abstract paintings are inspired by the local landscape. I draw textures, shapes, colors from the patchwork of farms, towns and forests that extend up to the horizon.  During the pandemic, the red structures in my paintings which symbolize hearth or welcoming light and have become larger and more prominent.  In creating these 12”X12” paintings the structures were simplified into a red square. I considered how the number four (amplified by the square shape) can represent the seasons.  It drew thought to the solstices and equinoxes, marking the light cycle of the natural world. These paintings tell a story about light (seasons) in relation to the earth.  Spring inevitably arrives and covers the whole earth equally in its time." Click here for Temre's interview on IG TV.  Click here to visit the gallery.

Dane Tilghman "Using paint and pencil I create full color narratives celebrating the common moments of humanity chronicled thru nostalgic black and white photography. For me, when I’m painting it’s like the highest form of reality. When you’re engaged in that artwork…this is it! You’re in your zone." Click here for Dane's interview on IG TV. Click here to visit the gallery.

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