Medium: Encaustic on panel, Dimensions: 14x22

Artist: Erica Brown, Title: Spring No. 11

  • I work on many paintings at once. Going from painting to painting- it becomes a sort of maddening dance for me. I am very process oriented and I find my paintings as I paint them. I am incredibly inspired by nature as well as the conflict between nature and man made things. Daily I take in images around me and they become mixed with the emotional and spiritual aspects of my life. What comes out is a new creation born of observation, passion and empathy. Painting with encaustic, or sometimes mixed media, I wrestle with them until they sit quiet and finished amongst the wreckage of my studio. I relish the intimate relationship that can be had between a viewer and a work of art. There is a feeling of ownership as one stands before a piece of art and something connects deep within them. It is in this connection that something much bigger steps into place and turns ones heart so meaningfully to wood and paint with such depth. It both humbles me and entices me on.