Artist: Karen Delaney, Title: Stacked Forms: Tranquility

Artist: Karen Delaney, Title: Stacked Forms: Tranquility

Medium: Acrylic, Dimensions: 12"x 12"x 1.5"

    My sculptures and paintings reference architecture, and are a product of my fascination with the tensions and harmonies of form and line which together activate space. Many architectural features, including the irregular windows piercing The sphere continues to be present in most of these works. In all arrangements, the spheres represent what is good and positive in my life. The way the sphere is incorporated in the design is determined by the concept it represents; protected, presented, celebrated, released� I believe that the viewer, too, can regard the spheres as personally important in their own way. Compositionally the spheres are focal points that help to anchor the tilting masses and shifting lines. They tend to balance the sculptures but never dominate. Boston�s Brutalist city hall, slanted Chester County barn roofs, and protruding overhangs found on Miami�s art deco buildings, inspire my sculptures. Ancient henges and monoliths find their way into my work, and in a recent series I explored the towers of India and Asia (stupas, pagodas, and t?bas) which are less dwelling spaces and more poignant markers. I see my work also as a marker; a place to pause, reconsider, and reset in the same way these meaningful towers function as sanctums for their cultures. I work in thin gauge sheet steel because it is strong and suggestive. It is thin enough to comply, but at times it resists me, which makes for an exciting exchange. I appreciate the joinery technique, welding. It is quick, immensely strong, and keeps pace with my rapid flow of ideas and repeated need for changes and additions until the piece is complete.

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