Artist: Kate Stewart, Title: Mother's Delight

Artist: Kate Stewart, Title: Mother's Delight


Medium: Acrylic & latex on wood, Dimensions: 12"x 14"x 14"


    My current creative practice finds connections with research on brain activity during various states of consciousness, specifically the theta state of the brain during meditation, REM sleep and hypnosis. Characteristic of the theta state, brain wave frequencies slow down and the subject is often able to occupy a space between the conscious and the subconscious. This is the place I try to describe in my paintings. While I am relatively new to meditation, my practice has slowly begun to influence my creative work and research over the past five years. I�m interested in teasing out the similarities between these practices by examining my own synesthetic responses to sounds and thoughts in the form of visual sensations such as color, light and space. I�ve departed from labor-intensive planning and mapping that I once felt necessary as preliminary steps to creating paintings. My approach has become more intuitive which feels less predictable, and yields greater opportunities for surprise. The invented spaces in these works challenge traditional spatial understanding through juxtapositions of flat vs. illusionistic space, natural vs. artificial color and light� and lyrical vs. aggressive paint language. Surface and illusion also factor into the work largely through a variety of painting techniques and the combining of materials that reveal different hierarchies of art making.

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