Artist: Kris Benedict, Title: Untitled

Artist: Kris Benedict, Title: Untitled

Medium: Oil on canvas, Dimensions: 24"x 18"

    I think of what I'm presenting in my paintings as a dynamic and open-ended situation for the viewer rather than a single discreet image. I want there to be more than one way to encounter my paintings. To accomplish this, the painting process needs to be flexible, improvisational at times, and motivated more by the search for an unfamiliar discovery than a methodical step-by-step procedure toward a pre-determined resolution.

    In this way my paintings are records of transformation. They often present structures and images borrowed from diverse sources that are repeatedly constructed and then dismantled in subsequent layers. Inside the individual paintings I am pivoting and intentionally creating contextual changes and visual rifts. The resulting work hopefully leads the viewer to an active engagement with the story the painting tells and unfolds for them through time.


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