Artist: Lauren E. Peters, Title: self-portrait (embrace)

Artist: Lauren E. Peters, Title: self-portrait (embrace)

Medium: Oil on canvas, Dimensions: 12"x 12"x 1.5"

    Lauren E. Peters is an artist native to Wilmington, Delaware, known for her vibrant self-portraits. She became a studio artist at The Delaware Contemporary and started painting again in 2016 after an extended hiatus. Two years later she was awarded a fellowship from the state of Delaware as the �Emerging Artist� in the painting category. Peters has since shown her portraits nationally and�is working toward�expanding the introspective self-portraits into broader concepts of how we see each other. She holds a BA in Visual Arts and continues to invest in her growth as a painter through the Continuing Education programming at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. �I create self-portraits because identity is tricky to pin down. Because I don�t like people taking my picture. I create self-portraits because I feel like I have nothing to wear for an occasion, to be the person I need to be in that situation. Because I love bright colors but am not comfortable being the center of attention. Because I can�t answer the questions on the Myers-Briggs personality test with any amount of certainty. Because I want to embrace the many facets and dualities within how we think of ourselves.�

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