Artist: Mary Lou Jenkins, Title: Opportunity, Journal Series

Artist: Mary Lou Jenkins, Title: Opportunity, Journal Series

Medium: Watercolor, ink, Dimensions: 12"x 12"x 1.5"

    Art is a process that can be frightening, isolating, personal, spontaneous, and rewarding. Since retiring, I have spent much time trying to connect to the person I have become over the past seventy plus years. I am slowly finding my way. Art is a continuous activity where I employ similar elements, color palette and brush work that is guided by personal development and technique. I am drawn to figures that tell an emotional narrative. It becomes an unintended personal story that I hope resonates with others. My background is in illustration, primarily self-taught. My immersion into other art mediums has been a welcomed challenge. I tend to not use too much saturated color, but instead focus on grays. For me gray is a fa�ade that masks a myriad of color just below the surface, that has the potential to emerge and transform the painting. My work is spontaneous; my brush work aggressive. Time is a factor when one reaches a certain age. I do not think too much about the work beforehand, it just takes me to where it wants to be. The process is not too cerebral, but most definitely emotional. There is a certain fear that is present during this process, fear of not telling the true story. In the end, it is merely a journey of sorts that I hope I can allow to be honest.

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