Medium: Acrylic, resin, 18K gold on wood panel, Dimensions: 12"x 12"

Artist: Roderick Hidalgo, Title: Chocolate Flood

  • This "Dessert" themed series was inspired by my time spent as a pastry chef and cake decorator at a local bakery here in DE. Revisiting my roots helped me to realize just how much my past experiences have influenced the mediums I have come to choose to work with in the present. The materials/mediums I currently work with are all too similar to those I was familiar with during my decor days. For example, the consistency of chocolate ganache is incredibly similar to that of resin and a specific pigment combined, forming custom chocolate molds for specialty cakes is exactly how I now create my gummy bears, and spinning sugar is how I came up with the "Cake, Cake, Cake" concept. I hope you enjoy!

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