Medium: Colored Porecelain, Dimensions: 5.5x6x6

Artist: Rosemary Campellone, Title: Protea namaquana

  • Clay is a fundamentally malleable and tactile material, satisfying in its ability to take on different forms. My intent is to leave the marks of pinching and making for the viewer to see, creating a look of softness and approachability. Process is an important aspect of my work. Mason stains are used to create a pastel palette of porcelain, then each piece is built using a coil and pinch method. This method enables me to slow down and focus on each detail of the form. Flowers have been a constant in my work and are something that I feel a connection to. To better understand that relationship I delved into researching all aspects of what makes a flower. By growing, collecting, pressing, arranging, and dissecting live flowers I began to understand that flowers provide a connection to my generational past. I have always associated specific flowers with the strong women in my life, whether it�s their favorite flower or one that I have linked with them from past experiences or memories.