Medium: Brass, shattered windshield glass, 24K gold leaf, Dimension: 32". Pendant: 2.5"x 3.25". The ability of the human spirit is infinite. This necklace is designed for those who are ready to be the king or queen of their domain. You've been through the fire and here you stand loving the shape of your new spirit. The center of the pendant features shattered windshield glass and 24k gold leaf fused in hand poured resin. Each piece glass is unique creating a one-of-a-kind feel.

Artist: Tracey Beale, Title: Geist Necklace - Life & Time

  • My car was vandalized, the windshield shattered into a thousand pieces and the glass was beautiful. Sometimes life shatters or even breaks us. The Geist Collection is a reminder to scoop up your broken pieces and love the new shape of your spirit. Windshield glass, 24k gold leaf, incased in brass bezels. Each piece has a name, a spirit and a meaning.  The word Geist is derived from the term zeitgeist which means spirit of the times.Designed for Him, Her & Them

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