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Artist: Two Fabulous, Title: Turquoise Blue Bracelets, 2 options

Artist: Two Fabulous, Title: Turquoise Blue Bracelets, 2 options


(BR005AT), (BR006AT) Scroll for details. Select by INV # (below) for large picture, item pricing & to purchase.

- (BR005AT) Blue smooth fat howlite drops bracelet with lion head rhinestone pave Sterling Silver clasp. Hand knotted on light blue silk thread. 8 inch $69.99

- (BR006AT) Double drilled stabilized turquoise bars with brick style sterling silver box clasp. Lots of matrizz and iron . Each bead has its unique character. Hand knotted with green silk thread. 8 inch $119.99


    Only Curbside Pickup is available for this exhibit

    Purchase of original art is non-refundable. By purchasing from this link, it is implied that you understand and agree with the terms set forth on this website. Ownership of original artwork does not pass ownership of the image rights. All copyrights and image rights remain solely the ownership of the artist who retains the right to publish or reproduce the image at their discretion.

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