Walk in Beauty: A Display Typeface, Set of 3 unframed prints

Walk in Beauty: A Display Typeface, Set of 3 unframed prints


Title: Walk in Beauty: A Display Typeface, Set of 3 unframed prints. Letters and background colors to be specified by raffle winner.

Artist: David Jones


- Individual Letters, Uncoated Paper and Ink, Unframed

- All letters available with choice of 3 background colors: cream, rust or deep brown

- A typeface inspired by the textiles of the Dine, commonly known as the Navajo People. 

- Image Size: 25" x  25

- For more examples and information on the Typeface Project "Walk in Beauty" go to: https://www.dpljones.com/walk-in-beauty-a-display-typeface

Retail value: $90 Raffle tickets $10 ea. Total of 9 tickets available (1 in 9 chances of winning - you may buy multiple tickets!)


    In partnership with our exhibiting artists, a portion of the proceeds of raffle purchases will be directed towards the Melton Centen, a community-based institution supporting citizens traditionally marginalized based on economic status, gender or race. www.meltoncenter.org

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    Purchases of raffle tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. You reserve the right to forfeit your winnings to the next randomly chosen person if you should be selected winner of an artwork you would not like to have. By purchasing from this link, it is implied that you understand and agree with the terms set forth on this website. Ownership of original artwork does not pass ownership of the image rights. All copyrights and image rights remain solely the ownership of the artist who retains the right to publish or reproduce the image at their discretion.


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