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Bourbon & Bubbles Holiday Event

Fri, Dec 10 | 5 - 8:30 pm

Open to the public

Give the Gift of Original Art

Paintings. Sculpture. Ceramics. Jewelry. Textiles.



Gifted artists:
Susan Bankert | Nilanjan Bhowmik | Jill Haas | Pam Lau | Roberta Little | Yannick Lowery | Farren Maillie | Victoria O’Neill | Saurabh Oza | Orlando Savarino-Loeb | Samara Weaver | Gwendolyn Yoppolo


The Art Trust is a volunteer-based charitable organization which supports and cultivates
the exploration of a contemporary aesthetic for the benefit of artists and the community.

Through the continued support of our corporate sponsor, Meridian Bank, The Art Trust is able to direct 100% of online donations and net proceeds of art sales to art scholarships, sponsorships and grants.