Mikel Elam

"The diversity of the world is very apparent. It is important to tell everyone's story from background to foreground through visuals, literature, sound and film.

I am a visual artist interested in the contrast of history and the concepts of futurism. I express my ideals through abstracting the figure. In fact I like to think of myself as an Afro-futurist. I use classic painting techniques interspersed with a mix medium of collage, found objects, assorted ephemera to convey messages about human equality or lack of. In short I am a storyteller. This body of work consists of painted fabric, mesh and paper mounted onto canvas and wood panels. Sometimes I construct and deconstruct an image. Erase, push and pull areas to convey emotional responses. I use pigments which simulate melanin based skin and hair with highly keyed colors to evoke memories of the past with a glimpse into an inclusive future."


Matt King

“I consider myself an expressionist, blending figuration with abstraction, painting directly from the subconscious. Utilizing symbols, dreams, myths, and memories, my work is transformative and reflects my life experiences. Guided by my imagination and intuition, it's my intention to keep my current work expressive, colorful, and aesthetically simplistic.” 

Matt King is an American/British London-based artist. He is a recent MA Fine Art Painting graduate from UAL Camberwell College of Arts and was selected for the prestigious London Grads Now. 21 exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. He has shown his work internationally and has been featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Tatler.


Carlos Nunez

" My paintings speak about issues based on social justice, the covid pandemic, political confusion and class structure. The artwork is infused with narratives of heroism, desperation, and greed. The use of contrasting color, texture, and words to educate or further question the emotionally layered meaning behind each topic.

I want to provide a stage for each narrative that explores a gauntlet of emotions and discussions. Each discussion carrying it’s own value and dimension of opinion and their own truth.

I have exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the United States at places such as The Delaware Museum of Art, The Contemporary Center for Political Arts, Visual Center of New Jersey, The Crane Arts Building, The Painted Bride, and the National Hispanic Cultural Center."