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Kristen Buck  @crookedcuriousities

Pam Lethbridge  @pamlethbridge

All that has occurred under the surface, during the dream and long ago influences my work. I call this “private play” my PST, Personal Shadowy Tale. I am not attempting to convey a message, just a feeling. The figures are at once vulnerable, sweet and frightening. I am particularly interested in their relationship to each other. When a figure is alone it calls out to be tenderly picked up. If in a group, each has an obvious attachment to the other.


Each ceramic piece is hand built using pinched, coiled and slab techniques. I use dark brown stoneware clay with commercial underglazes layered on top. The pieces are single fired in an electric kiln to cone 4. All vintage fabric is hand sewn and hand embroidered.


Lisa Muller  @lisamullerstudio


Jeanine Pennell  @bonetownstudio

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